Weekly Lucky Draw Winner (16/09/2019 ) -1st Prize MYR688 nik****[email protected] -2nd Prize MYR388 eos***89**@hotmail.com -3rd Prize MYR188 mats****6*[email protected] -ke*lyl**[email protected] -ros**13**@gmail.com -Ba**t61**@yahoo.com.sg -ed***[email protected] -sur**hka***[email protected] jatas****@gmail.com eppl****[email protected] horru*****[email protected] kahrul*****[email protected] munza****[email protected] yenchi*****[email protected] magg****[email protected] leng*****[email protected] ken****[email protected] asya*****[email protected] fre*****@yahoo.com qian****[email protected] b****[email protected] gho****[email protected] josh****[email protected] Weekly Lucky Draw Winner (26/08/2019 ) -1st Prize MYR688 bell***goh***@gmail.com -2nd Prize MYR388 ken***88**@yahoo.com -3rd Prize MYR188 fend****[email protected] -koo****[email protected] -pop****[email protected] -toto***[email protected] -may***[email protected] -sus****[email protected] -wang****[email protected] -dea***[email protected] -fu****[email protected] -dee****[email protected] -thir***kua*[email protected] -kwy*****[email protected] -davi***[email protected] -alvin***89**@gmail.com -xaio****[email protected] -ding****[email protected] -ho****[email protected] -what***[email protected] -vivit****[email protected] -*budi***[email protected] -nor****[email protected] IBCBET decided to replace the Member Site brand name and logo effective from 1st August 2019 (Thursday) @ 12PM (GMT+8). Member Site's name will be change to NOVA88. All information such as account user will remained the same. Member will be able to find the announcement AFTER login to www.maxbet.com. * 01 - 14 Aug - Member Login will see the message that Member site change brand name, but still can login Maxbet. * 15 - 28 Aug - Member login will see the message only can login “NOVA88”. * 29 Aug - 12 Sep - Member site will display prohibited message. Member Site New Domain: www.nova88.com Welcome to Malaybet ! Experience our new website and promotions !